Segmental Resection

Abby White, Scott Swanson, Stanley C. Fell

Key Points

  • Segmentectomy is a satisfactory oncologic procedure for appropriately selected early stage lung cancer patients.
  • When segmentectomy is being performed for cancer, frozen section analysis of segmental nodes is mandatory to ensure a complete resection.
  • Segmentectomy is often the procedure of choice for limited bronchiectasis.
  • Anatomic segmental resection is the excision of one or more bronchopulmonary segments of a lobe, with individual ligation and division of the corresponding vein, artery, and bronchus. Although portions of lung parenchyma may be excised with the use of clamps, stapling devices, cautery, or lasers, these nonanatomic methods are properly classified as wedge resections.

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Last updated: June 30, 2023