Induction and Adjuvant Therapy for Operable Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Chi-Fu Jeffrey Yang, Shivani Shah, Tommi D’Amico

Key Points

  • Chemotherapy given prior to surgery has been shown to improve survival in both early-stage and locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), although typically induction chemotherapy is recommended for only locally advanced NSCLC
  • There are no significant differences in survival between patients undergoing induction chemotherapy and induction chemoradiation for N2 NSCLC
  • Chemotherapy given after surgery for N1 and N2 NSCLC has been shown to improve survival. Adjuvant chemotherapy should also be considered for patients with stage IB disease with high-risk factorsT
  • Adjuvant radiation is not currently recommended for early-stage NSCLC that has been completely resected. Adjuvant radiation may be considered in select cases of stage IIIA after discussion in a multidisciplinary setting. Radiation can be considered after surgery for R1 and R2 resection
  • Several new randomized trials are evaluating the efficacy of molecularly targeted agents and immunotherapy in the induction and adjuvant setting

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Last updated: January 3, 2020