Rare Infections of the Pleural Space

Jorge Nin Vivó, Mario Brandolino, Ismael A. Conti Díaz

Key Points

  • Pleural hydatidosis is a significant health problem in regions where sheep and dogs are raised and cohabit.
  • Pleural hydatidosis is always secondary to the rupture of hydatid cysts located in organs adjacent to the pleura.
  • Treatment of the initial accident in pleural hydatidosis should be done on an urgent basis with tube drainage of the pleural space.
  • Pleuropulmonary contamination is the most common complication of amebic hepatic abscesses.
  • All pleural effusions secondary to amebiasis should be drained.
  • Pleural actinomycosis is usually secondary to lung infection, which is mostly due to aspiration.
  • Pleural aspergillosis is an extremely serious illness that cannot be eradicated unless the infected space is obliterated.

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Last updated: April 4, 2020