Heart-Lung Transplantation

Yasuhiro Shudo, MD, PhD, Richard V. Ha, MD, Y. Joseph Woo, MD


The seminal paper by Bruce Reitz and colleagues at Stanford University published in 1982 describing the first human heart-lung transplantation procedure presented a bold new step in multi-organ transplantation.[1] Devised as a means to treat intractable pulmonary hypertension, heart-lung transplantation has evolved to become an accepted modality for many other physiologic and anatomic issues that have effects on the heart and lungs, while it has also become an integral part of domino heart transplantation,[2] recently revived by Woo et al.[3] of Stanford University. The number of heart-lung transplantation procedures performed pales in comparison to that of orthotopic heart transplantations. Nevertheless, 3879 procedures were performed from January 1982 to June 2015.[4] In this chapter, we will closely examine the historical background of heart-lung transplantation, as well as donor and recipient selection, operative conduct, and outcomes related to the procedure.

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Last updated: November 17, 2021